Xenon SmartPlug – App Enabled Smart Switching Solution

Introducing Xenon SmartPlug

Xenon SmartPlug is an app enabled Smart Switching Device that provides a hassle free, wireless solution to all your switching problems. Plug the SmartPlug between any device and the power main and control it via your smartphone using Bluetooth.


Smart Charging

Automatically switch off your charger whenever the charge reaches the pre-defined level.

Supports Multiple plug pins

Eliminate the use of pin adapters.

State Switching

Switch ON/OFF any device connected to the smartplug wirelessly using the axndx smartphone app.


Set the time for when you want to switch ON/OFF the device.

Shake To Toggle

Toggle the state of the device just by shaking your phone.

Countdown Timer

Switch the state of the device with help of a countdown timer

Xenon SmartPlug App

Xenon SmartPlug comes with a companion Android App(for Android 4.3+ only). This app turns your phone into a wireless controller.

Get it on Google Play

Switching to Smart is now Simple

Plug Xenon into a power outlet and connect your device to it.

Download and Install the Xenon App on your smartphone.

Connect the SmartPlug to the App using Bluetooth.

Explore the various features and start saving energy and money!

Xenon SmartPlug Videos

What are you waiting for? Look no further.

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